It is our goal to have this Google Site and its content accessible in as many languages as possible. Initially, all content, in particular, file cabinet resources, including documents and video, will be viewable in English, French, Khmer, Portuguese, and Spanish. Some items require manual translation. Other content (specifically ALL web pages) will be viewable in a multitude of languages by using Google Translation Services

The Primary Site is in English; however, if you default browser language is non-English, you will have the opportunity using Google Translation Services (a pop-up window will appear) to change all web page based content into the language of your choosing. You must select this option in your Chrome Browser Settings_Advanced.

Alternatively, you may always type text or a website address or translate a document at 

(1) Example: Translating website into Khmer

(2) The website in converted in seconds into the desired language, in this case, Khmer.

*Downloadable resources such as posters and video that are not able to be translated by Google Translation Services have been manually translated. These are primarily Resource items found in their language specific file cabinet.