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Cambodia HCVI Medical Library

The HCVI Medical Library was opened in February of 2014 at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital in Phnom Penh. After 6 months of successful operation at this location, HCVI felt that a more productive partnership could be developed with the National Pediatric Hospital. In September of 2014 the HCVI Medical Library transitioned to the National Pediatric Hospital at 100 Russian Federation Boulevard in Phnom Penh. The Library re-opens in a significantly larger physical space, containing a large auditorium, (2) conference/lecture halls, a training and simulation lab, as well as a dedicated computer lab.

We are very excited to be working with our new partners and would like to especially thank the Director of the National Pediatric Hospital, Nhep Angkeabos, MD/MPHs and Vuthy Chhoeurn, MD, Chief of Surgery, for such a warm welcome and smooth transition into our new home. An MOU for 5 years has been signed and we look forward to a long and productive partnership.

An emphasis on education, a focus on capacity building, and a commitment to operational excellence are central to the vision of Health Care Volunteers International. The establishment and evolution of the HCVI Medical Library reflect a convergence of these principles.

We are dedicated to running an ultra-modern medical library, giving health care providers the tools to achieve excellence in their profession, whether they be in training or at a later stage in their career. The Library is staffed with full-time university graduates who have majored in Information Technology (IT) and Computer Sciences. HCVI believes that technology can be greatly leveraged to drive knowledge, education, collaboration, efficiency, and productivity, and that this will result in more skilled and capable caregivers and ultimately better patient care for a greater number of individuals.

We maintain a very "open source" mentality and welcome the opportunity to work with other organizations and institutions in any way that we can collaborate. Although we are located at the National Pediatric Hospital, it is our desire that individuals and institutions beyond our walls come to view the Medical Library as a valuable resource at their disposal.  We are in the process of developing an entire platform of web-based educational and enterprise productivity tools that we feel will be of great benefit to both individuals and larger organizations. Registration as a Member/User of the Cambodia HCVI Medical Library also grants access to HINARI, the WHO sponsored free online medical library, which is an incredible educational resource.

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We look forward to seeing you and working together to improve Health Care in Cambodia.

Warm regards,

The HCVI Cambodia Team