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Executive Committee

Frank Duggan, MD is the Founder and Managing Director of Health Care Volunteers International (hcvi.org). He is actively involved in all HCVI projects in Cambodia, including the operation of the HCVI Medical Library at the National Pediatric Hospital. Dr. Duggan has spent approximately 1/3 of the last 15 years doing international volunteer medicine and has been on an estimated 60 volunteer medical/surgical missions in numerous locations around the globe. He has spent approximately 3500 hours engaged in volunteer work in Cambodia alone in the last 4 years. He is board certified in the USA in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine but has become somewhat of a "jack of all trades" out of necessity working in remote and under-served areas around the world. Currently, the majority of his volunteer work is surgical and procedural. HCVI began operations in January of 2014. He is responsible for overseeing the start-up of HCVI, including new projects in Africa and Latin America, in addition to those in Cambodia. Meanwhile, he maintains an active practice in Emergency Medicine in the United States.